Rebecca Faulkner

Creative Direction + Copy. Serving the Bay Area since 2002.

I'm a word-nerdy thinker who's big on brands; how they look, sound and feel. I believe solid process gives creative teams the freedom to think bigger (and a robust brand book helps, too). Oh, and just so you know, I am NOT related to William. Although, if that'll score me a gig with bi-monthly stints in Paris with day trips to the Loire Valley, then we're totally related. Cousins, actually.

2018 Concerts

Music isn’t just something you listen to. It’s something you feel, see, smell, taste and experience. From the mind-blowing visual effects of an arena show to the smell of something smokey wafting through the crowd to the feel of icy beer sloshing onto your wrist as you dance – nothing compares to a live show. This campaign was launched leading up to the Grammy awards and included a homepage takeover.

StubHub Let Your Fan Out Campaign

Our agency, Duncan Channon, concepted Let Your Fan Out -- a national media campaign which coincided with our 2015 brand refresh. I worked closely with the agency throughout the refresh -- overseeing casting, scripting, and production. I helped lead the refresh rollout, evangelizing the changes with employees. The press release is my articulation of the design system.

NFL Huge Packages

StubHub partnered with NFL On Location, the Official Hospitality of the NFL, to launch a suite of VIP packages for Super Bowl 51 in Houston. My partner and I, inspired by the grandiosity of the packages, infused a healthy dose of innuendo into the messaging. I presented the concept to several NFL stakeholders who laughed out loud at the copy lines and ultimately approved the creative.


In an effort to connect authentically with fans of sports, music and theater (and enrich our social channels with engaging fan content), we concepted #ThatLiveLife -- a series of beautifully shot still portraits, moving portraits, and documentary-style videos taken at live events around the world. Organic engagement with the portraits exceeded our baseline across all social channels -- sometimes up to 13X more.

Ticket Oak Holiday Campaign: ACD + CW

Prior to StubHub's sophisticated 2015 and 2016 brand refreshes, our lovable mascot was Ticket Oak. We went to market with a holiday campaign that, like Ticket Oak, was cheeky, folksy, and a little (or maybe a lot) weird. After all, who wouldn't want to hide tickets in a pimento cheese sandwich?

Sell tickets at StubHub.

Selling tickets can be a little....transactional. We decided to bring some personality into that space by displaying a series of "reasons to sell" throughout

Better Homes & Gardens: CW

Founded in 1922, Better Homes and Gardens is a truly iconic brand and brings in $1.4 billion for Walmart each year. I managed copy, compliance and editorial voice for thousands of SKUs of comforter sets, candles, and 6-in-1 slow cookers.

Spy Video TRAKR: CW

The world's first app-enabled video RC! A big deal for kids, geeks and makers alike.

Product Naming: CW

Naming toys is a funny business. I am still proud of Whipslammer.

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